dsc_5558I’ve made something of a career of postmortems of rallies that didn’t go well, especially BMWMOA’s. But the North East Florida BMW riders have made my job near impossible… I can’t find much to complain about. Sure, the traffic between south and north Florida makes for a long grueling day of riding through the 700 mile long suburb better known as Florida. The winter rally makes up for it by letting us arrive thursday, so we miss none of the friday events and get two full days in GearHead heaven before we face Florida traffic again. This is the Winter Rally, and even in north Florida it can get below freezing. Not to worry, highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. The site is a military base in the middle of nowhere, but the club provides ample sustenance, supplemented by a couple on base restaurants and a well stocked PX, just in case you lost some required uniform bits on leave. The campgrounds are huge, or join the club and get cheap “billeting” on base. The only down side I see is that unless your active duty or a vet, you have to leave when the rally ends on sunday…


‘Course, every self respecting BMW rally has an airhead encampment, and we did the Winter Rally proud. My hack’d R65LS needed but a sip of oil, but the electricals of the bike on the left allowed some essential electrons to turn to smoke, and we made repairs at least as good as the already disreputable wiring harness. Got the bike running, and haven’t heard of it breaking down on the way home to Tampa. Oh, and see that substantial woodpile behind the Prius? The airheads also build an impressive bonfire as well as keep the campers cafinated via the airhead cafe’ under the canopy.

So BMW  clubs and especially the MOA, kindly follow the Northeast Florida Club’s example and put on a great rally!