OK, while attendance did rise into the double digits (most had left by the time we remembered to take a picture) we’re, as they say in sports, in a “rebuilding year”. Veteran “coach” Roger, after a legendary string of successful tech daze, has finally taken a well deserved retirement. We also lost a couple star performers to heaven’s airhead team. But new “coach” Jeff is growing into the job, and us old players will still make the plays and score some points while our draft picks hone their skills. Didn’t help either that we had an 80% chance of rain that became 100%, followed by gusty winds bringing in a cold front. Heck, they even had wind chill warnings out for South Florida!


None the less, we muddled through pretty well- This /2 received a new U-joint boot. Also did some general maintenance on Louis’ R100, new steering bearings on I think it was a /6, and assembled another /6 from the crankshaft back. Got everything back together by mid afternoon and kicked back with the usual airhead libations… We usually don’t reach that point until after dark sunday!

So like the Cubs, hope springs eternal, and we’ll win the series next year… See you in Naples again, first weekend after new years!