Again proving themselves to be an ethical company afflicted with a few rogue emissions engineers, VW has hired Ken Feinberg to run an independent program to compensate any “victims” of the emissions cheating scandal. Mr. Feinberg was the Special Master who determined compensation for the victims of the 9/11 attacks and has since administered claims for BP’s Gulf oil spill and GM’s defective ignition switch fiasco. He’s been near universally lauded for his fairness, and VW has shown a lot more class in hiring Feinberg than the dozens of diesel car chasing class action lawyers who are suing VW in hopes of making a multi-million and maybe even billion dollar looting of VW’s treasury. As the owner of one of the affected diesels, I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my claim… If I can find a reason to file one.

Meanwhile, in a public letter along with the usual Sierra Club sorta suspects, Tesla CEO and corporate welfare king Elon Musk suggests that CARB force VW to make electric cars instead of cleaning up the offending diesels. Now that might be just a bit of good environmental citizenship were it not that Musk insists that those cars be built in California, where his company just happens to have an underutilized plant and VW doesn’t.

Now Musk has built an entire corporation on selling environmental guilt and regulatory relief to affluent environmentalists and real automakers that know it’s cheaper to buy zero emissions car credits from Tesla than to actually build at a loss and worse yet service electric cars. But in no way should VW buy Tesla at it’s current inflated prices… When VW could run them right outa business! Musk wants VW to build enough (presumably 500,000 or so) electric cars to offset the pollution of VW’s 500,000 or so “dirty diesels” in 5 years. That’d be enough to totally saturate the american electric car market for a good decade, bringing down Musk’s Tesla house of cards and killing off every other wretched electric car in the process… And as VW makes 300 times as many cars as Tesla, they could absorb the electric car loss and pull this trick off.

VW, just don’t you dare brand that token electric car as an Audi, Porsche, or even Volkswagon!