Thank you!

Most bankruptcy hearings are pretty routine, most of the deals already having been cut in the lawyer’s offices and the judge granting the court’s approval. But this morning a normally too quiet courtroom was alive with the sounds of Buell and EBR riders who in no way were ready to let Buell and EBR slip quietly into the night. In person and by phone conference call, they objected to the cold blooded corporate murder of Buell and EBR, and the judge made rare exception to the corporate “business as usual”, refusing to approve the sale of EBR to a serial liquidator.

Continuance was granted until the next hearing January 14th, which gives us upstart Buelligans a month minus holiday distractions to come up with a plan. Given that the serial liquidators bid was a measly 1.6 million for an inventory of at least a couple hundred new bikes and the tooling to make hundreds of thousands more, even a fallback business plan to just provide parts and support to the installed base of EBR and Buell bikes is a viable business plan. And with millions already invested in engineering and tooling up for production, why stop there?

This is the kind of passion the world needs, the kind of passion that spits in the face of corporate mediocrity and kicks their corporate butts with innovative products and superior service. This is the kind of passion that HOG(NYSE) and their favorite serial liquidator cannot silence… Bring on the EBR revolution!