DSC_2898Fog, mist, forecast 90% chance of rain… The Harleys were cowering in their garages. this was just the “transit stage” from the campground (ya, we camped in this crud) to the trailhead.

DSC_2911Seemed like an easy ATV/ORV trail, a wide, flat, and barely curving railroad bed that was like riding up a really long farm driveway… Coulda done this with a street bike!

DSC_2945First down! Actually was probably the 2nd, but the other BMW 1200 GSA rider who tried this alternative parking technique got his vertical before I could get there with the “Instant Replay” camera. Both of these BMW behemoths were on compromised street/dual sport tires, and the clay surface was so saturated as to be difficult to walk on. Meanwhile an airhead GS, KLR, and BMW 650 single on proper dual sport tires and even a ‘hack on car tires motor’d right on through…


GSA upright again, and stayed that way. The ATVers going the other way were nice folks who held up while we rode through the slippery section, then helped us upright the grounded GSA… So much for the stereotype of selfish ATV speed demons!


Further evidence…


 And with that preponderance I’ll rest my case and plead the fifth… I still can’t figure out if we was legal or not, and the Deputy that met us at the next stop wasn’t either! The trail had no signs indicating that we had to pay a fee, but the signs showed pictographs of motorcycles as well as ATVs, etc.. Some of our group bought a trail pass, only to find out that it was for an ATV and not a motorcycle. Another tried to buy a trail pass, but they only had passes for ATVs… No wonder the Deputy let us go… Given the weather, we would have been innocent by reason of insanity!

 And besides caring for us at the local asylum, they’d have had Justin to deal with…DSC_2901