1409674260611The spring deluges are over, the crowds are gone, and the heat indexes are now well less than triple digits across the northern tier. Having made fools of ourselves during the short couple months of summer, sanity has returned, as have the kids to school. Lovely 70s weather today, so I made a leisurely parts run, with a stop here at the End O’ Line Railroad Museum in Currie, Minnesota. They’re closed for the season, but it’s a public park and half the exhibits are outdoors anyway… Heck, besides the bathroom being open, the WiFi was too! There’s a steam locomotive on the right, one of their two cabooses on the left, the station’s in the background, and a tiny Brookville diesel switcher and the turntable are just out of view on the left.

So we’ve got a month or three of the best riding of the year before the glaciers return up here… Time to enjoy the changing colors (the goldenrod’s been brilliant lately), light traffic, and off season rates. Follow that up with the annual unorganized “old iron survey” after the leaves leave the trees… What’s not to like?