Gearheads, we’ve all been there: We already amassed just (we can always find an excuse to get more) about every tool we’ll ever need in this life, the afterlife, and probably our heir’s lives too (if they don’t auction them off). And sure enough, when Santa comes, we unwrap “homeowners complete tool kit”s, “auto emergency kit”s, and cordless drills powered by AA size NiCads, all made from the finest pot metal and repeatedly recycled scrap plastic China can provide. Yes, another holiday tool tragedy is about to occur.

It doesn’t have to be this way, Christmas need not be a holiday marred by tool tragedy. So I suggest you print out this post or e-mail it to your family, friends, enemies, and anyone else that might be motivated to give you a holiday gift as a shopping guide.

Sure, you’ve already got at least a couple fully stocked floor to ceiling tool box stacks, a compressor and arc welder that will brown out the block, and a whole bookcase full of repair manuals. But things change… No gearhead in good standing goes a year without acquiring at least one more machine. For those machines we need new machine specific tools, manuals, etc.. And gearheads never sell our old machines, which means that every year we’re getting deeper and deeper into their innards… Which means we need more and more special tools. We gearheads are aging too, making stooped over working positions and lifting engines in and out with our bare hands somewhat untenable, if not downright painful. So everything from a stool to a two post garage lift would be much appreciated, and will reduce the likelihood of high deductable emergency room visits for years to come.

So prospective gift giver to a gearhead, before you run off to the big box emporium, have a talk with your airhead. We don’t ask for much- sometimes just a $5 universal joint for our ratchet will satisfy us. Just don’t give us another Chinese screwdriver & pliers set!