GearheadGrrrl Nicki in Minneapolis, who inspired the “turkey emergency” post performed a successful overnight defrost on her turkey and served it to her guests. The accelerated thawing procedure required no locomotives, trailer mounted arc welders, nor after hours purloining of the local foundry’s facilities. Which is no surprise, given that Nicki is an accomplished Gearhead Grrrl who’s accomplishments include rehabbing an abandoned century old Minneapolis home to splendor. True to form, the City of Minneapolis (un)duly rewarded her with a massive property tax increase as well as the considerable attentions of it’s building inspectors.

Driving back to the Buffalo Ridge last night (with the F800S riding the trailer in a seasonal move) I noticed a sudden jump in traffic volume just before 10 pm. Passing the Marshall WalMart, the lot was near full… What’s wrong with these people? Hopefully they weren’t buying tools… More on that sore subject later.