DSC_5187And a bunch of Wild Childs they are! That’s a century old Case steam tractor being fired with renewable fuel… Corn cobs! Case barely survives as half the current brand name Case-IH, but given that FIAT/IVECO spinoff CNH (Case New Holland) also owns New Holland which we used to call Ford, the Case name’s days in the tractor market may be numbered.

DSC_519960s Minneapolis-Moline, note the pioneering use of clean propane fuel… These days they give you a big tax credit for that. MM along with several other tractor makers was bought up by White in the 60s and run into the ground.

DSC_5201CO-OP, built for a network of farm cooperatives from the 30s through the 50s, IIRC this one is a rebadged Oliver, another victim of White’s tractorcide.

DSC_5203Ferguson 30 from the 50s… Henry Ferguson and Henry Ford were partners in creating the Ford N series tractors, then the Henrys had a falling out. The result was Ferguson building his own line of near identical tractors to the Ford N, ‘cept they used overhead valve Continental engines and kept the design alive with more power after Ford dropped the N series. Ferguson survives as half the Massey-Ferguson name now owned by AGCO.

DSC_5205More Case tractors…


DSC_5210McCormick-Deering brand of International Harvester (IH), lives on as half the Case-IH brand name, but some of ’em are startin’ to look a lot like New Holland tractors.

DSC_5213British built IH diesel from the 50s.

DSC_5212Ford 8N, last of the line of N series tractors built from the late 30s to early 50s. Reputedly half the Ns every built are still running, despite Ford having bought implement maker New Holland and switching to that brand name, then selling of their whole tractor business to FIAT/IVECO. The closest thing you’ll find today to a Ford tractor is an all wheel drive Super Duty, which has plenty of power and pull but no rear PTO or 3 point hitch to put said power to work. This orphan’s been workin’ out, flexing the muscles of a flathead V8 transplant! Ford may have given up on tractors, but Ford lovers never give up…

DSC_5191The Case steam tractor beginning it’s 2nd century of work. Wonder when the 3 surviving big tractor makers will catch up and come out with a tractor that can be fixed by any local blacksmith shop and runs on renewable fuels?

Thanks to Minnesota’s Machinery Museum in Hanley Falls for another great Threshing Show!