So what if they sold 15 million cars… Cars are for Costco runs to procure victuals for tech daze! Low and behold, Tech Daze officially begins friday and unofficially begins thursday, and it’s wensday and we’re already fixing bikes…

DSC_5008That’s Mark from Wyoming busy fixing an air leak at the carb spigot on his son’s /7… one heck of a dad!

We’ve got two engines to work on, enough gearboxes for a Naples tranny tech day (Joe Cuda, you still got time to make it from KC), and who knows what else may roll in. I’ve got the Motorvation F2 chassis with a Costco cargo box mounted to my R65LS, now I just have to find the VIN so I can re-insure it and ride it… Just in case you see me on the floor peering at a frame or trying to hack the DMV website tomorrow. But first we gotta make another Costco run, they’ll probably just tell us to pull around to the loading dock so we don’t clog up the checkout lines!