PR Missive received at 4 am this morning, they still drinkin’ from last night? Or maybe starting early…

“Please stop by for a drink on us right now and learn how Motiv is leading in the electric truck market!

(PR hack’s name redacted to protect the guilty)

Previous message below:

Hi Diana,

Happy WTS15! AmeriPride has ordered 6 all-electric F59 chassis for walk-in vans from Motiv Power Systems. You can check out the first one at booth #501. Also, we’re having a happy hour TONIGHT @ 5pm. Please join us for a drink on us!

The new zero-electric F59 chassis option opens up a wide variety of vehicles for electrification, from delivery trucks and food trucks, to refrigerated trucks, tool trucks and even a type B School bus. Press release below.

Are you curious to learn more about how Motiv can electrify any truck and by working within the commercial trucking system, instead of outside of it?”

Maybe I had these electric vehicle people pegged all wrong… Out for a jog or yoga at Happy Hour time, followed by a light dinner of organic whole grain brown rice served on tofu, with fresh squeezed fruit juice beverages… NOT! Heck, maybe this is the image the lumbering and staid electric vehicle biz needs, an image of party animals keeping the truck show display open ‘n’ hoppin’ all night, ready to seduce a firm order from a drunken fleet manager just as the sun rises over the Indy convention center. Heck, could even do some “product placement” in the next “bootleggers” reality show, with shower of sparks filled scenes of the bootlegger’s electric truck stealing a recharge from remote power lines, then quietly slipping past the revenuers…

In the meantime, might want to equip the show’s “ride and drive” event with a breathalyzer…