Our cup overfloweth… Heck, they’re delivering the fun by the ocean tankerload! First we have the biggest and bestest airhead tech day in history. Then a new Corvette to get us through the workweek. Then the gathering place of most everything gearhead, the Florida Swap Meet. And the frosting on the cake? The Florida Winter Rally, featuring a 1929 BMW that just got back from the Cannonball “Race” across America and a like new 1984 R100RT Last Edition that they raffled off.


IH Cub Lowboy and standard height tractors, IMHO the Lowboy in this trim is the best lookin’ of the Cubs.

ImageNot so pretty version, but note the studier frame and Perkins diesel power! I’ve never heard of a diesel offered in a Cub, but the installation looks factory!ImageMore redneck “engineering”! Note to the “engineer”… That Freightliner cab and KW sleeper are aluminum, you’ll get a better price for them at the scrapyard!

ImageThe latest in dump truck technology: Gear drive hoist and chain drive rear axle! Actually an old Mack AC…

ImageAnother backhanded complement to classic BMW motorcycle design… A Japanese /2 clone!

ImageGot Guzzi? Your choice, hack’d or plain vanilla (as if a Guzzi was ever plain or vanilla!)…

ImageYup, they keep critters here too… “Critter” is a term of endearment for small locomotives. They can only move a few loaded cars, but they cost less to operate (16 10 liter or so cylinders burn up a lotta diesel just idlin’) and have thus been used for switching locomotives at factories and grain elevators for going on a century now.

ImageNote the handgrip so the “monkey” can “hang off” way out there… This ain’t no ordinary pit bike!

ImageNo comment.

Image‘Nuther BMW boxer clone. Hmmm, nobody’s cloned the K bike…

DSC_0542Chevy one ton chassis, White/Autocar/Diamond Reo/Western Star cab, Deutz aircooled diesel engine… Wonder what it’s titled as?

DSC_0534No, not another garden tractor… Scrunched tractor for orchard work.

DSC_0548On to the BMW Florida Winter Rally: Honda MB-5 “Sport Tourer” and somebody’s Buell in the background…

DSC_0552The Cannoball “racer” BMW that finished third behind a couple ‘merican bikes, after they changed the rules in the middle of the “race”. In the background is the restored ’84 R100RT waiting to be raffled off. IIRC, they sold over $20k in raffle tickets, all going to charity, and the winner is going to donate the RT to a museum… talk about a win-win-win!

Despite the lack of snow or even rain, the rally was a great time, the highlight of course being the airhead “blast furnace” campfire every night.  Ate and slept well three days and two nights, and as compensation for the lack of liquid or solid sunshine we had a tent sailing contest in the 30 MPH wind gusts, the wind ultimately losing. Airhead rider Dave from the northern fringes of Ft.Myers showed me some better roads on the ride home, stopped and chatted with some more airheads in Plant City and didn’t get home ’til 9 p.m.!

The post-rally depression is just setting in, all I managed to accomplish today was a milk run to Costco… When’s the next rally?