Finally got almost all the parts to finish the R80ST rebuild in and finished hanging them on ’bout noon. Wheeled the ST out on the driveway, put on the tank, and hooked up a battery. Fired right up, and in seconds oil was properly spewing from the rockers. Backed off the choke and let ‘er idle down… Damn oil light comes on!

Well,the oil is kinda low… Ride to town and procure a gallon of 15-40 diesel rated slippery stuff. Top off the oil and fit the valve covers, fire ‘er up and the oil light stays dark even when I crank the idle down to stall speed. Gee, where’s all the oil on the back of the front fender coming from? Good to see the chaincase is well lubricated… Guess I’d better put the rotor back on!

Nice weather this weekend, so I’m taking a break from wrenching and ridin’ the F800S to celebrate.