Thanks to our Air Force for more surplus acres of concrete!

Indy may have America’s temple of speed and Road America may be our (unofficial) national park of speed, but out here in flyover country Sports Car Club of America puts on the Woodstock of speed, with hundreds of racers testing their and their cars performance against the clock in fierce competition. Entry fees are low, admission is free, and you can even camp on site if Lincoln’s cheap hotels ain’t in the budget. And I live just 280 miles from all this GearHead goodness!

“Christmas Tree” starter lights at a sports car race?

It get’s better- In a normal “solo”, “slalom”, or “autocross” race one car at a time runs against the clock. Taking advantage of the acres of slabs, SCCA set up two mirror image courses so two competitors can start from the same line, then diverge so everyone can see who’s ahead or not. Hey NHRA, this could actually make drag racing worth watching…

Vette’s and Porsches aplenty, but the karts defy physics and humbled most of ’em

This is a 5 day event over Memorial Day weekend starting with a driving school, two days of the “Pro Solo” championship series double slalom, then two days of SCCA championship series on a conventional one at a time slalom course. They also had a second “test and tune” course going for $5 a run or 5 for $20. I drove my new Transit Connect van down that SCCA can’t allow on the autocross courses for safety reasons, same with SUVs and trucks due to their high center of gravity. But sounds like if I update my motorcycle helmet to current specs and bring my Golf TDI I can get in some practice runs. I made a day trip of it and drove down and back saturday, and thanks to light traffic on rural roads was able to catch most of the days racing and still got home by dark. What’s not to love about SCCA “Fun with cars”? And they’ll be back Labor Day weekend!