This is why I’m not too concerned that my trailer park landlady is trying to evict me so she can get outa my 99 year lease and flip the lot into more profitable short term rentals. This is why I really don’t care that there doesn’t seem to be a VW dealer in south Florida that can do an oil change, never mind an alignment without trashing the cars suspension. This is why I really don’t care that there’s one old skool BMW dealer left in the state,

Was planning my usual migration to my tin shack in the swamp otherwise know as Naples, usually undertaken after the December city council meeting. But after a cold november and a weekend dump of 8 inches, the weather cleared up and now we’ve got highs above freezing every day and no snow in the forecast= May as well hang around to catch the CP Railroad Holiday Train and the Dakota 38+3 Memorial Ride!

Then I receive a slanderous Certified Mail greeting from the aforementioned landlady’s purported lawyer claiming my trailer to be a fire hazard and worse and demanding my and it’s removal from the “park” that same day. Called the landlady to inquire what the problem was and she informed me that the tattered tarp on the roof of the “Florida room” AKA tin shed trying to pass itself off as a living room needed to be removed. OK, I can do that as soon as she drops the eviction so I can actually set foot in her “park” to effect said tarp removal. Says she’ll call her lawyer and get back to me… Now this is the lawyer who represented her in a previous eviction of a paid up tenant just because said landlady wasn’t allowed to bless a sale of the lease, resulting in six figure legal bills when her lawyer lost the case… I fully expect to be served with an unlawful detainer, TRO, and probably some homemade “parking tickets” too as fast as the mail can carry them.

So listen up, Florida promoters… We northerners (ya, we noticed the confederate elements in your flag) probably don’t need you anymore!