There’s a great thread on ADV about the sales, including some big discounts at Bob’s BMW, Aerostitch, etc.. on just about everything. Here’s the link.

Made my usual rounds today, started with Mac’s hardware where tools were 40% off this morning, amidst the stuff I already have and the junk I scored a torx wrench set and a gear puller. Home Despot produced a set of 3 DeWalt “tough boxes” complete with gasketed top doors and a 2 wheeled carrier for $99. Northern Tool didn’t have that great a deals and the line at the cashiers was long, so I walked in and right back out. Costco yielded a waterproof “point ‘n’ shoot” camera, whose benefits you’ll soon see here on the blog… My baby SLR is suffering mechanical failure. 20% off on most everything at Bomgaar’s farm store, but most all their wood heating pellets had been ruined by some sloppy forklift handling that tore the bags followed by a rainstorm when they stored them outside. Did score some LED trailer lights though…

So happy (bargain) hunting, and please use the comments feature to share any finds!