Been seven years since I started this blog, and I’ve gotten the itch to make some changes, hopefully for the better. I read through the whole seven years of bloggin’ and IMHO it varies from good to occasionally great to “I wrote that?”. Clearly, there’s plenty of room for improvement…

Seven years brings a lot of change too- For example, electric vehicles are no longer a joke and will be treated as such. Media has changed too, so I’ll be giving the blog some social media exposure. And every aspect of life, even ridin’ and drivin’, has gotten way politicized- For example Donald Trump is now the greatest threat to american auto makers. But as a recovering political hack, I’ll try to keep the politics in it’s place. And while looking to the future, I’ll try to honor gearhead history of the per-internet era and answer the unanswered questions… Like, did Porsche design the Corvair for Chevy or vice versa?

Buckle up and/or get your helmet on, it’s gonna be a wild ride!