Good thing I went to the Iowa Guzzi Rally in shady Elkader instead of the MOA National Rally, we’ve a “mere” 94 degree heat index instead of the 101 the MOA fanboys are suffering under in DesMoine’s concrete and asphalt fairgrounds. A couple hours east on the unforgiving asphalt of the Worlds Largest Truckstop’s annual show in Walcott down I-80 the air temperature heat index is 103, and you can probably fry just about anything on that asphalt if such seasoning is to your liking.

So a lot of us Guzzi lovers and tolerators are hanging out in the library, various eateries, and Cabelas just up the road. And despite the MOA Rally’s shrinking patronage, I suspect the air conditioned exhibit halls are crowded as bored Beemer fans drool over the farkles they already have three of. I’ve been to the Walcott truck show on days like this, and was damn near deserted, but for the paid staffers… Learned my lesson and I’m not in that sauna today!

With new high temperature records set daily and fairgrounds flooding seems like everywhere, looks like the only safe place left to hold a summer gearhead event is next to Lake Superior, and hope the winds stay out of the north.

Which reminds me of my late gearhead friend Stephanie Smith and her response when I mentioned riding somewhere… Why? Once she discovered 40+ MPG diesel cars with heat and AC, in her logical mind motorcycling didn’t make sense anymore. That said, she did have the hots for a big block Guzzi, but sadly passed before she could add one to her collection of cars, trucks, and even railroad machinery.

Got a point there… Down in south Florida where 100+ degree heat indexes occupy most of the summer days, many riders put on more miles in the winter than the summer. Being of Medicare age like many of us and having a heat aggravated  malady (MS), I don’t ride or work when the heat indexes climb into the triple digits. You can’t argue with the brutal thermodynamics… When the heat index rises over body temperature, the wind don’t cool you, only makes matters worse.

So after barely being able to stagger around after yesterday’s “heat soak”, I cooled off overnight and walked to the library and then lunch. Got brave when the heat peaked slower then expected and headed back to the campground, then retreated back to the library. There’s a storm predicted for later, wonder if I should hang here at the library or trust the campground’s storm shelter…