“bout motorcycles that scare you, cars you covet, trucks and bicycles and horses too!

Been darn near half a year since my last post. Yeah, I been writin’- Bout politics and water system grants and other boring stuff. Heck, I now even have a USDA security clearance, despite my extensive misdemeanor criminal record. Meanwhile my state has become a national scale political war zone, with not one but two U.S. Senate elections plus a governors race in 2018… Looks like I better write while I can!

Then again, I haven’t had a lot to write about lately- The hack’d Super Tenere uneventfully passed the 40k mile mark, the airhead GS soldiers on, and the Guzzi still suffers from “fuel infection” maladies. Even put the F800S’s charging system back together and put a hundred plus miles on it. In the 4 wheeler fleet, the new TDI made it’s first Florida trip and will be heading back tomorrow. The ’03 TDI just passed 140k, though now sporting a yellow “check engine light” to keep bugging me ’bout a failed glow plug that’s seized in the head. Not being in any rush to see the underside of the head, I’ll hopefully put off that repair ’til the 200k mile timing belt change. In the meantime, It’s waiting for Michelin to deliver the last of 4 winter tires ordered on Cyber Monday over 2 weeks ago!

Apple ain’t doing much better, after screwing up my first order then rushing the replacement order I had sent to the Naples Apple Store. Given our global warming induced long fall here, were it not for the inducement of the new Apple laptop I might not make it to Florida ’til January, maybe.

So tomorrow I’m off to Florida’s winter gearhead get togethers!