It’s all down the road from here…

DSC_5793Heading the “Hopeless Class”, we have this Harley big twin with Liberty ‘hack. Surprisingly stock with nary a single GPS to distract the three member family team. I’m no lover of Harleys, but I’m cheering for these folks- Trying to do a thousand miles a day at a cruise speed of maybe 65 MPH deserves our support! Unfortunately they missed a big bonus the first day and lost a buncha points.

DSC_5809Providing high speed mosquito control is this honest to goodness Suzuki GT750 2 stroke triple. Well prepared with a 2 stroke oil tank built into the auxiliary fuel tank!

DSC_5812If ya can’t afford a new ‘Wing… Drag a four decade old one outa the barn and rebuild it! Note the bash plate under the engine and cooling system for the rider, amongst many other clever touches.

DSC_5815Most of the other hundred odd riders spent $20k to $30k and more on BMWs, Gold Wings, and even Harleys and more on farkles, and this guy shows up again on a decade+ old 250 Ninja with 100K+ miles on the clock! No aux fuel tank because it gets 70 MPG, cheapo Chase Harper bags and nary a farkle, and he’ll probably rub it in by winning finisher status again just like he did in 2015!

DSC_5832Hittin’ the road! This was the start of the 11 day rally just outside Minneapolis monday morning, tonight their due at the first checkpoint near Dallas. Then they’ve got eight more days of this insanity…