Finally…DSC_5742Deere’s prices dropped while beat up decades old tractors sold for damn near new price, so I bit the bullet and order one in early March. Came back from Florida and tractor hadn’t been delivered, told delayed ’til mid June. So I go and blow my wad on a new Golf TDI, then a couple days later the Deere dealer calls and the tractor’s in. Scraped the $$$ together to pay for it and they delivered it friday, and I’ve been playing with it all weekend.

The learning curve is steep, as Deere’s control scheme isn’t exactly “intuitive”… If this is a tractor the two pedals on the right should be brakes, not forward and reverse pedals! But I’m getting used to it and mowing the lawn as fast as I can slalom around the landscaping. Got a front end loader too so I can make the driveway respectable and clear off snow this winter. There’s a real 3 point and PTO out back, gotta shop for implements.

She may be only a fawn, but she’s a Deere!