Gather a half dozen airheads, and (almost) any mechanical malady can be cured…


And ’twas way more than a half dozen present at this springs North Florida Tech Daze, the official tally last I heard was that half dozen plus another seventy, and a few more that maybe wandered in later…


That’s just a corner of the campsites, never mind those of us camped in cars, RVs, on the host’s couch(s), etc.!


Even cannibalized a crash damaged airhead, frame was bent so the bits were silent auctioned off as a fundraiser for the FlAirheads… An hour later nothing but the bent frame and a few non wear items remained! Didn’t get a count on the number of bikes fixed, but the shop was full and busy the whole long weekend. Got my R80ST more together, would have gotten it looking more like a bike but has to leave the wheels and forks off so it would fit back in the Golf Variant.

All in all a grand weekend besides the bikes fixed, and well worth the trip to Florida. Had an uneventful trip home save for the Atlanta I-85 bridge burn down induced traffic congestion over a hundred miles away on US231 through Alabama, maybe more on that in an upcoming post. In the meantime, got the ST unloaded and it’s sitting on the dolly demanding my attentions!