Like to explore the back roads along the border? Donald promises to triple the number of border guards, and with immigration falling, those bored border guards will be looking for someone to hassle… like you. Need a new pickup truck? Trump’s promised a 35% duty on imports from Mexico, which is where better than half of a new GM full size pickups come from. The sticker shock will extend to Mopar pickups too, a lot of which are assembled in Mexico.

So you decide to fix up the old beater instead and head over to the friendly local auto Parts store. Turns out half the parts you need come from Mexico and carry Trump’s 35% tariff surcharge. The other half come from China, and Trump’s hit them with a 45%  tariff surcharge. Better buy while you can though… Tomorrow Trump will probably insult the Mexicans and/or Chinese and they’ll refuse to sell to us for any price. And those ‘merican jobs that were supposed to be created to make those ‘merican  cars, trucks, and parts thereof… The plants were torn down decades ago, and Trump scared most of the available workforce outa the country.

So you follow Harley’s “Screw it, lets ride!” advice and buy a two year old leftover Harley and go riding… Careful, ’cause Trump repealed “Obamacare” and still hasn’t figured out what to replace it with. But riding’ down that country road you can forget it all… Damn, the sun suddenly got bright! And what’s that mushroom cloud over there? So get in the ditch, put your head between your knees… And wonder why the hell you voted for a president that takes nuclear weapons rather lightly, and thinks every country should have them.

So prevent trade wars, police states, and the even worse stupidity that Trump produces by the New Panamax ship load… Don’t vote for Trump!