So the judged has judged, and it’s official: Arms twisted by the combined might of EPA, DOJ, CARB, and every state AJ along for the ride too, VW has committed under penalty of further legal arm twisting to buy my ’13 WV TDI back for pretty much what I paid for it, minus a measly nickel a mile over 62,500. Turn in date is at least 2 years out, and here’s the starting point:

dsc_5460Oil and filter changes are due every 10k miles, add a fuel and air filter to that every 20k. Every 40k there’s the big transmission fluid and filter change, and of course the battery and sundry other bits are in the way. The big one, the timing belt change, is due at 130k… $250 in parts and a few more special tools I don’t have. So another 100k or so miles of highway haulin’ and hell raisin’ sounds like a worthy goal before I surrender this 40 MPG “light truck” to VW and probably the scrapper.

So “That’s too far away” is no longer a valid excuse….