dsc_5456The leaves are fallin’, and the corn is gettin’ picked so pretty soon you won’t need a drone to see over it. The thick groves will  be revealing their fruit soon, in the form of thousands of old cars, trucks, tractors, whatever. And no need to wait for the leaves to finish their fall, as harvest is already flushing out the best of the old machines to haul the harvest. Amidst the sheds, silos, and implements above is  a garden variety IH Loadstar in the background, must have seen at least  a dozen already today. But what have we got right and front of the silo… Not one but two classic cabovers! The white one is an IH Cargostar, built anywhere from the late 60s through the early 80s. The blue one is a Chevy/GMC T series, built from the late 50s through the 80s, when it was replaced by a badge engineered Isuzu.

dsc_5435Ford LTL9000, reporting for duty at a sugar beet “piler” in western Minnesota. Well, I think it’s an LTL, the fairly rare Louisville Line variant with a long hood and deluxe trim, etc.. But could be an aftermarket LTL style hood on a plain medium length hood Louisville, company in Minnesota sold a lot of them. But judging by the fit between the cowl and fender I’d guess it’s a genuine LTL. The steps on the passenger side means it was built with only a single fuel tank and was a dump truck from the start, kinda rare as most LTL’s were long haul highway tractors with sleepers.

dsc_5434This Bulldog’s been called up for beet harvest duty too, it’s an early 80s Mack Western which means lightweight chassis for maximum payload. But the hood bears both “RS600LS” and “Valuliner” insignia, so it was probably born Allentown whereabouts… The “Valuliner” replaced the “RS” and “RL” models. Having the insignia of both models suggests this one was built around the early 80s when production was moved to Pennsylvania after the Mack Western plant in Hayward, California shut down.

dsc_5458And the usual rural automobilia… This stonework was originally a gas station in Arco, Minnesota and is now a residence. The same artist did several statues including a statue of liberty in the town park.

Time to get back on the hack’d Super Tenere and find some more pictures…