Couple weeks back VW Group agreed to pay a $10,000,000,000+ penalty for selling a bit less than 500,000 vehicles with “cheat devices’ that allowed excessive NOx emissions. Today HOG(NYSE), better known as “Harley”, got a paltry  $12,000,000 slap on the wrist for selling 340,000 “cheat devices” and 12,000 uncertified bikes that didn’t even pretend to meet emissions standards.

So VW is getting hit for upwards of $20,000 a vehicle, while Harley is getting off for less than $40 a vehicle… I’m all for supporting American manufacturing, but this is a bit much! ‘Specially when you figure in that VW made low single digit profits on most of those cars, while HOG(NYSE) was making 30% or so profit margins on bikes that often sold for more than new VW cars.

VW, I think EPA just gave you grounds for an appeal…