Dear Diana,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Ford GT!

We are thrilled that you share our passion for performance and the all-new Ford GT.

The demand for Ford GT from enthusiasts like you has surpassed our very limited production. Unfortunately, we do not have enough Ford GTs to fulfill your request at this time.

We have confirmed our Ford GT production plans for only two years. However, if additional production is confirmed, your application information will remain in your profile for easy updating.

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Thank you, again, for your passion for our all-new supercar.


The Ford GT Team

To be honest, I didn’t expect to be “selected” to buy a Ford GT… Heck, without some very creative financing I’d probably have to live in the the car, and the accommodations look pretty spartan. So Ford, in the best tradition of ol’ Henry, why not make more? And thanks to the miracle of mass production, spread out the millions in development costs over thousands more Ford GTs. Heck, probably could even drop the price a below the current $400k plus, maybe even hit the $100k sweet spot that would make Porsche sweat!

About now some Ford middle manager is saying “This Gearhead Grrrl don’t know nothin’ ’bout what it costs to build a car outa carbon fiber, and them pretty Brembo brakes ain’t cheap either!”. They said that about aluminum decades ago, and now Ford is making even pickups out of aluminum. They can afford to make pickups out of aluminum because way back in the 60s Ford was one of the pioneers of welded aluminum body building with the optional aluminum W series truck cab. After a decade and change of practice as a low volume option, they made aluminum standard for the CL series cab and made aluminum an option for the higher volume 2nd generation Louisville series trucks. The formula is simple- Make more, you get better at it, and prices drop. As for the Brembos, we’ll be happy with black.

So build more Ford GTs, and let ol’ Henry relax in his grave…