I turn 66 today. I’m supposed to slowly drive over to the Social Security office, fill out the paperwork, then recline back and wait for the checks to roll in. No thanks!

Having refused the recliner and the inevitable slouch toward the nursing home bed and coffin, the Democratic Party of which I am a low level official has designs on my time. By around this time of an election year you can pretty much predict how things will play out… The party will blow their wad electing Hillary by a landslide and completely forget about winning back congress. And the winnable elections out here in farm country? Not even on their beltway based radar. So no, I’m not going to waste the rest of my summer doing parades for good rural candidates that the party long ago abandonned.

So what the heck am I gonna do?

Dive even deeper into technology and science for a start. This is a nation and world that has elevated electric cars and belching super sized pickups to sacred status, yet neither is the solution to much of any problem. And heck, there’s whole cults of junk science out there either totally denying that global warming is a problem or tersly warning of imminent incineration if we don’t cover our driveways with electric cars and our roofs with solar cells.

In the mists of these cults of self serving misinformation lies reality, and that’s where I intend to take my studies (I ain’t wastin’ free college for seniors!) and this blog.  Example: Did the numbers a while back and figured out that my not even $2000 wood pellet and corn fueled home heating unit was reducing global warming more than a $100,000+ solar array.  My little biomass stove is fuelled by carbon absorbed by trees and corn plants while growing, then the released carbon is reabsorbed by plants and the cycle repeats, with the environment being no worse for wear. And if we can heat our homes with renewables, why can’t we run our vehicles on bean and corn squeezin’s too? Global warming, cheaply solved… But neither big oil and their “coal rollers” nor big solar and Tesla stockholders want to talk about simple solutions that deny them billions and defy their cult.

But it’s science, technology, and solutions that this blog exists for. And the lasting joy of old and simple motorcycles, too…