Seems an infectious epidemic of stupid nationalism is spreading everwhere these days… EPA’s protective regulations, FIA’s petty Le Mans rules, and China’s ban on foreign ownership while they’ll pirate anybody’s product. Couple that with the prexisting “nostalgia as a way of life” that we’re seeing in America and now Britain to, and it’s no wonder a truly dumb presidential hopeful and referenda to undo history have been ejected by the primordal swamp ooze.

Do Brits really want to spend much of their waking hours dealing with Lucas electris and SU carbs again? Had not Britain joined the Common Market in the early 70s, their only choices in cars now would be 70s Cortinas and Vauxhauls badly built on worn out tooling…Britain is simply too small a market to justify new designs for it alone. Exports would be impossible, dated designs carrying huge retaliatory tariffs simply aren’t competitive. Without Britain being in the EEC, there’d be no Brit bikes built anymore and the only decent cars on British roads would be registered to addressses on the continent.

Thanks to the Common Market AKA EEC Britain now makes more cars than they did in the swinging 60s. A new Mini is still built at the home of Morris, Cowley. Leyland Assembly plant now builds all the Paccar DAF/KW/Peterbuilt medium trucks using a cab shared with Volvo/Renault and made in the Benelux, IIRC. Many of those trucks leave Leyland with Cummins engines made in Britain or America, and American made Allison automatics. And while Paccar is HQ’d in Washington state, all their medium trucks are designed and developed right their at Leyland.

So my Brit readers, if you really want to go back to the bad old days of spending your days trying to bring rotted Marinas back to life ’cause your on the dole and got nothing else to do, vote for the BrExit…