And the Cherry Red Corvette has left this highway system. Reports are that Prince has passed on of natural causes at the too early age of 57. Fortunately he left us a lifetime of memories and a lot of tapes that have yet to see airplay, thanks to the recording company that owned him forcing him to ghost perform a lot of his works under other names.

Prince was a complex “character”, and I had the pleasure of living a couple miles from him in Minneapolis. He was known for his generous loyalty to his northside neighborhood, and reputedly the purple motorcycle with the vintage Vetter windjammer was his. But he also had a rep for not paying subcontractors and I had a run in with his purple limo on I-94 one night… Whatever idiot was behind the wheel was trying to play chicken with a Freightliner.

Rest in purple peace, Prince. And may your Cherry Red Corvette long race across the heavens…