From my application for allocation of the upcoming Ford GT:

1. I’ve had the hots for a Ford GT since the original in the60s
2. I’ll try to keep the drool cleaned up on it.
3. I promise I will not disparage the good name of Ford by taking the Ford GT to houses of ill repute, around presidential candidates, etc…. Unless you want me to!
4. It would not be fair to send me to my grave with the mistaken impression that a ’52 Customline with an OHV 6, Cortina GT, Econoline, and a 3 liter Ranger are the fastest things Ford can manage.
5. I’m a Ford and Berkshire-Hathaway shareholder, and if Warren can give me a heck of a deal on furniture and insurance, Ford can sure as hell gimme a break on a Ford GT!
6. Assuming you folks don’t crash my Ford stock, I have just enough net worth to swing this deal. However, the GT doesn’t look too comfy to sleep in, so maybe could you buy my house and do a leaseback so I’ll have a place to live?
7. On second thought, I assume the GT will have a trunk just big enough for the usual “FIA suitcase”? Maybe I could fit a small tent in there and do a “bummin’ in the USA” reality TV series in a $400k Ford GT…
8. That ain’t gonna fly, so maybe I’ll move back to my trailer just down the road from that Everglades proving ground we made the mistake of selling to Harley. Fiat/Mopar owns the place now, but there’s plenty of abandoned streets left there in “Golden Gate Estates”. Heck, if they can land a DC-3 fulla drugs there, high speed testing in a Ford GT should be no problem… How about you folks pay me a buck a megabyte for data uploads?
9. I note that you ask about charitable donations… Do speeding fines paid to our underfunded local municipalities count?
10. I am really just a totally unworthy wannabe who would completely fail to impress the “target market” for a Mustang GT, never mind THE GT. Heck, I’d probably be denied admission to Sebring even if I showed up in a GT, and the Naples cops would probably send there radar units out for recalibration after I blew by them at 150 while showing the rich aging Brit rock star in the new Lambo the pecking order on Tamiami Trail. Which of course is total and complete fantasy, because I can’t egg these pretenders into a race even with my lowly TDI. But give me a Ford GT, and I’ll guarantee you an unusual ownership experience and tons of media exposure, some even favorable. And heck, I might even pay ya for the thing!