Too Much Material… So I head off to the Rally Done Right, AKA the Florida Winter Rally a day early to miss the deluge forecast for friday and thus miss the courtroom battle of the liquidators for the bones of EBR/Buell. No big loss to moto-journalism, as the winning liquidator brags that they want to sell to someone that will restart EBR, on the very off chance that someone with a million or more more than said liquidator paid for the company somehow missed the three auctions and now wants to buy EBR and build EBRs. I’ll give that liquidator a little time to hang themselves with an announcement of sale of the bits of EBR before condemning much further.

I swear the Buell did misfire for a combustion cycle at about the time a Wisconsin Court consigned EBR to liquidation and history, but it does that often anyways when slowed to Florida traffic speeds. Wore my Buell regalia to the rally and parked the Buell prominently at the rally, just to remind the assembled BMW fanatics that a 15 year old american sports bike is still alive, kicking, and has no fuel pump nor final drive to fire up or not when expected to do the opposite. And despite the deluges and sunday morn windstorm, had a great time thanks to the Northeast Florida BMW Riders and Camp Bland. Heck, even the usually overpriced garage sales became suddenly reasonable and I came home with a couple new manuals, and would have brought home more stuff if I had room on the bike! Good seminars too, ranging from a couple who had traveled the world on an R80GS airhead they bought used to the laughable attempts by the local BMW dealer to convince us that our engines would immolate if we didn’t buy their $100 “injector cleanings” at regular intervals!

So today I’m debating which of these events to chronicle first, when the “first drives” of the new Focus RS start to pop in the Euro motoring press. Complementing the LeMans bound Ford GT with this 350 HP all wheel drive ultimate hot hatch looks to be the second coming of Ford’s “Total Performance” opus of the 60s, and may very well eclipse the Golf R, Subie WRX, and Mitsu Evos in one fell swoop. Too bad my Ford stock is down and I can’t cash it in on a Focus RS, but if VW wants to buy back my TDI I’ll accept a Golf R as an even up trade… LOL!

Finally, I’m getting peeved enough to write an MLK day article on the whitewashed inventor Fred Jones. Just google his name… He’s the african american inventor of transport refrigeration, and without him we’d still be keeping livestock in the backyard and eating potatoes all winter instead of fresh vegies and seafood. On MLK day Fred should be on the website front page of the company, Thermo King, his invention created… But you’ll have to dig deep in their website to find any mention of him, and there’s no acknowledgement that he was a black man. I can think of a whole bunch of frozen food businesses near my home in Minnesota and here in the salad bowl of Florida that wouldn’t exist without Fred’s invention, but fat chance any of those companies will even give Fred a mention on the break room bulletin board on MLK day.

And they wonder why minorities and women don’t go into science and technology…