DSC_5072The pace slowed a fair bit today, though we had wheelbuilder Trigg from Illinois in attendance and he gave us a much needed demonstration of wire wheel rebuilding and trueing. We also took on a laundry list of repairs on a late arriving GSPD that even after we cut some nonessentials from the list kept us busy all day and into the night. That GSPD threw us some curves with too short choke cables and a few other gremlins, but we knocked off a bit after dark and retired to watch Green Bay triumph. But the GSPD and rider were still there when I left, so tech daze may not be over after all…

But what the heck, most of us are retired and would just as soon drag out the wrenchin’ and fellowship, ‘specially since this is the last Naples Tach Daze that Roger Bush is hosting. Yup, after a decade of creating one of the best tech daze anywhere, Roger is retiring and passing the baton to a new host. So Roger, thanks for everything… And we’ll try to get your shop presentable again tomorrow!