DSC_4806Sorry, but that’s about all the snow we got left. ‘Twas a warm November, with riding curtailed by the early darkness and deer more than weather. Finally got a reported 9 inches of snow a week ago, was even tempted to break down and buy a snowblower. But with temps around 30 I carpeted the driveway with salt, and it seemed more like 6 inches than 9. Then our temps warm up into the 40s and even 50 today, and this is the remains of our snow.

Thus my progress on various and sundry winter overhaul projects is lagging. As you can see, the Motorvation F2 did manage to get hitched to the Super Tenere, but I still ain’t wired up the lights or electric lean. The boxer motor was liberated from it’s R80ST home and will be escaping to Florida for Naples Tech Day(s) in hopes of fixing it’s chronic rear main seal incontinence and a few other details… But doubt I’ll get the frame to the powder coater before I leave. The nak’d F2 hack that recently joined the fleet made a pilgrimage home to Motorvation to get it’s suspension unfrozen and properly lubed… I should have time for a quick respray and maybe even get the cartop cargo carrier body fitted before I throw it in the VW and head for Florida. Oh, and the 4 by 4 pickup project? Still looking for some rust free wheels that haven’t been used as curb feelers to mount new tires on. But haven’t needed four wheel drive anyway, with overnight refreeze on the roads more of a problem than feet deep snowdrifts. Of course, this assumes it actually cools down to freezing next week so I can at least finish xmas shopping and pack the wagen for Florida!

Makes one long for the good old days…