I last wrote a none too complementary but thoroughly deserved live blog of BMWMOA’s attempt at a rally in July, and hoped I could go back to ignoring them for a while. But Noooo!

So a few weeks back on one of those now increasingly common days of weather really too crappy for riding, in a fit of bored web surfing I wandered over to the BMWMOA forum for the first time in months. What’s this, they’ve closed the venerable St.Louis suburban office with no warning? Yup, with nary a footnote in the board minutes nor public discussion the BMWMOA headquarters has disappeared, though management claims they’re moving in with the devil AKA BMW Car Club of America in the shadow of BMW’s South Carolina auto manufacturing plant.

The story winds on in now 18 pages of angry discussion by the BMW faithful and heretics on the BMWMOA forum. It is admitted by management that they fired the four paid staffers in the Saint Louis suburban office with no advance warning, and after in some cases decades of service it sounds like they were given only minutes to clean out their desks. Those four were the whole remaining headcount but for one manager and a subcontractor or two who worked off site, down from a onetime headcount of 15 or so before BMWMOA’s members found better uses for their membership $$$.

The official version is that BMWMOA will re-emerge in shared offices with the likewise failing BMWCCA, and it’s now admitted that BMWMOA will have all of one (1) employee there. Then they’re going to move into brand new offices with museum right next to the BMW Zentrum visitor center and driving school, surrounded by rainbows and unicorns! And surely BMWMOA would be showing us gorgeous artist’s depictions of all this wonderfulness on their Facebook page, except all the 2015 content on their Facebook page has suddenly disappeared, including a long thread of member’s disapproval of the whole hijacking of the BMWMOA HQ.

So you might want to hold off on renewing your BMWMOA membership for a bit… Heck, if they can make the home office and Facebook page disappear, they can make the corporation’s assets “disappear” too! Same for volunteering for next summers national rally, etc… Will there even be a BMWMOA then?

Good think we’ve got another club, the BMW Riders Association…