And the Mule just died.

Welcome to Ozark ArKansas, for better or worse… Looks like the local Kawi dealer just showed up and traded out the dead Mule for a live ATV. And better a Mule that actually hauls needed stuff like firewood that a BMWMOA golfcart that just hauled around unneeded stuff like a puffed up poobah, or excuse me, Committee Chair.

Harrison, Arkansas is a confused place now, just as they and many other mountain regions of the south were. We have the obglitatory inadaquate 20 something palefaced male in the late model Dodge “hemi here” pickup with the big ‘ol confederate flag flying fromthe tailgate, while the county fairgrounds we’re camped at is quite happy to accept Union surplus assets in the form of a late model uparmored Steyr/Stewart & Stevenson 6 by 6 and more important water tanker trailer. And while the unbypassed main drag has 9 foot lanes because Arkansas has figured out how to restripe a 4 lane into a 5 lane, but for some reason or other hasn’t gotten Union funding to properly widen or outright bypass said route. Said schrunched US highway is lined with similarily schitzo development, from an abandoned in place Wonder Hostess thrift store to a the full complement of franchised food hawkers. And there’s no Wifi here at the rally site and flush toilets are scarce, while the local Wendys has faster WiFi than anything in Billings.

The RA rally fits right in with this mileau… I just walked in the front gate without as much as showing my armband,  while the local caterer has 3 serving lines set up with his $8 breakfast and maybe 10 customers… Looks like he may be late on this months payment for his jacked up Super Duty, and as a Ford stockholder I hope he didn’t finance through us. But the Airheads are up and running with a big ‘ol tent, coffee aplenty, and the best used furniture to be found ’round this end of the Ozarks.

‘Tain’t perfect, but beats all hell outa the MOA’s attempt at a rally!