After over an hour of product placement not so cleverly designed as the closing ceremony, a new BMW motorcycle and a bunch of tours, togs, and trinkets have been distributed. BMWMOA claims an attendance of 5800 hundred and change… But in the multiple attempts to draw winners of the door prizes I heard no numbers less than 1000 and none over 5900. That suggests that no attendees were given 3 digit numbers, dropping the high numbers for attendance to maybe 4800. Throw in the possibility that a lot of comp tickets were given out to vendors and such and weren’t used, and the 4000 estimate I was given by a registration volunteer sounds like the low range.

So attendance was probably around 4000 to 5000, rivaling the previous low numbers for BMWMOA rallies and a far cry from the glory days that pushed 10,000 paid attendance. Perhaps this explains why MOA is promoting lifetime memberships again… There’s no way of knowing how many members are still riding or even alive!

Meanwhile, the rally continues here at Airhead Central. Heck, we just put an airhead powered Yamaha cruiser on the bike lift for repairs!