Temps headed to the 90s with little shade, talk is that attendance topped 4000 and looks like  at least half of them haven’t left yet. Slow day in the farkle vendor area too, with little inventory reduction… Wonder how many will come back next year? I’m kickin’ back at McDonalds, which has proven that they can take just as long to deliver crappy food(?) as any McDonalds in the world.

In a few hours we’ll snore through the awards ceremony and find out who gets stuck with a new BMW… I’m rehearsing my refusal speech just in case I’m the unlucky one. Then relax with the airheads and try to get a couple hours sleep between when the local rednecks tire of serenading us with their outa tune straight piped Harleys and trucks and when the first riders break camp at dawn -1 hour.