Being an airhead riding a Yamaha I don’t have much personal experience with these things, but from those in the know I’ve heard that renting a u-Haul truck from Billings to civilization starts at about a thousand $$$$, and that don’t include gas at 10 MPG or worse. And good luck finding one of them little Trannies that might get 15 MPG… The demand for rental vans around the BMWMOA rally is so high that you’re likely to get stuck with something that would normally require logbooks and a CDL!

Thta’s a far cry from 3 decades ago when I rode with an airhead rider across the desert who regularly commuted from Boston to southern California with no break downs. That experience sold me a new ’84 BMW R65LS that 31 years later has yet to be towed, trailered, or truck home. BMW, what happened?