We’re saturated.

What little space the RVs haven’t taken or the MOA hasn’t taped off for their pet local BMW clubs that haven’ t shown up in any great numbers is jammed tent peg to tent peg with tents. It’s getting hard to find a parking place… For a motorcycle. There’s porta potties aplenty, but maybe 20 showers for 2000 campers… MOA, we can take the hint, but no, were not paying over $100 a night for motels! The MOAs much vaunted WiFi can’t even handle text only e-mail, and this whole overgrown cow towns cell sites and internet backbone are struggling.

That said, the attendance doesn’t look all that impressive, and no record will be set. Security leaks like a sieve, with long gaps in the perimeter that allow any interested local to wander in and explore without paying MOA’s $80 fee In fact, I”  talked to one person who never registered last year, another who hasn’t paid this year, and a MOA director has fessed up to sneaking in a friend last year.. Perhaps this is the reason MOA’s attendance figures have been declining. And if those numbers can’t be trusted, does MOA still have even 32,000 members and a similar circulation of it’s advertising littered rag?

More questions than can be asked in fridays MOA board meeting, for sure.