Despite being the logistics hub of Montana and the upper rockies, Billings internet crawls… And the rally ain’t even started yet. BMWMOA’s “hotspot” is a zombie, Sprint is MIA, AT&T slows to a crawl as soon as a few users get online, and how long will Verizon hold up? So please excuse the lack of pix, and I suspect I’ll have to go to the other side of town to get any bandwidth… Maybe.

The rally doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, but there’s clearly at least a thousand people here already. That means the noisy shady tent sites are gone (there are no quiet sites). The vast RV lots have plenty of room left though, a clear sign of BMWMOAs priorities. The membership clearly has other priorities, as the retired riders stretch their budgets… McDonalds is near packed with riders! One of the few perks of being in the logistics center of the upper rockies right on US 87 is a virtual bellyache gulch just up the hill from the rally site… Besides Micky D’s and the usual fast food suspects, the chinese resteraunt with the noon buffet looks like a good place to enscape this afternoon’s ninety degree heat!

More dispatches to follow as bandwidth allows…