And in motels, no less? Time was when an IB rider rode ’til they (almost) dropped, then crashed out at the “Iron Butt Motel”- Any sorta flat surface available roadside. So last night before I crashed out myself after the ten o’clock news, I note that the “Spot” location transporters of a few IB riders haven’t moved for a while. Got up at 5 and looked again, a couple had moved on, but a bunch hadn’t budged overnight. Zooming in a bit, I noted that a lot of the Spot markers were known motel locations… Is nothing sacred!

All this circadian sanity is die to the Iron Butt Ride organizers decision to make most all the 50 national parks in 25 states mandatory stops as well as extra credit bonuses available during daylight hours only. With that impetus, the riders are planning their days riding better and sleeping at night… And may explain why this has been an undramatic Iron Butt Rally, with few DNFs and only three minor crashes, all courtesy of the same rider.

After a mad dash back to the start this years Iron Butt goes into the record books tomorrow… And it looks to be one for the record books!