But against their wishes, I’m going to their Billings rally anyway. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the snark potential… Row upon row of RVs, elderly wankers on bikes they spend more on than what would buy a decent car shopping for a few thousand more in useless farkles, aged “GS Giants” who think they’re expert level motocrossers after they blew hundreds on a weekend “off road riding course”… What’s not to loathe? Heck, there’s the title right there, thank you very much, Hunter S.!

And when I need some sane relief, I just drift back over to Airhead Central, where a bunch of laid back riders sans attitudes are kickin’ back and wrenchin’. Heck, maybe I should ride the hack’d R100GS and take advantage of it’s awesome spare parts carrying ability? And if it wasn’t for the humble airheads that carry on the old BMW riding traditions, I wouldn’t go anywhere near BMW or their pet MOA.

‘Twas gettin’ into a bit of a funk anyway, thinkin’ maybe I should (creatively) waste less time at rallies and do more “normal” and “responsible” stuff instead, like mow the lawn, etc.. Was gonna skip the Billings rally and maybe the Wisconsin Guzzi rally too… Then I got a notice that my presence was requested at a democratic party meeting during the middle of the Iowa Guzzi rally! What the heck… I got a brand new bike here and politics can wait ’til this fall if not the next… This summer’s for riding!

But being that I’ve got a funding request hopefully on the meeting agenda, I’ll call in to the meeting, cell coverage allowing…