Does this look like the starting line of a race?DSC_3942

Nasty uphill full of fist size and bigger than fist size rocks… A few spectators took pity and removed the bigger boulders.

DSC_3863DSC_3913they let little kids race too…DSC_3893This is as organized as the starting line got… Hey, gettin’ this many kids pointed in the same direction is a major accomplishment!DSC_3982Then they turned the big kids loose… this rider made so much roost, he oughta be in the excavatin’ biz.

Faithful rider- This guy rides every year on the 70s Suzuki dual sport bike he bought new.DSC_3957

The “trail rider” class provided something for everyone- kids just graduating from the tiddlers to old duffers on plated dual sport bikes.


DSC_3969‘Twas a relaxed way to ride or “race” or anything in between- The young hotshots thrilled us with their speed, while the old timers stopped to help each other out, grab some refreshment, or just plain take a break.

The Off Road Poker Run happens every May at the Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club’s riding area at South Shore, South Dakota, snowmass willing. FFI: