Buell, AKA Erik Buell Racing, has filed for receivership under Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 128. That chapter is a part of Wisconsin’s progressive tradition, allowing citizens relief from debtors while they reorganize their business and begin a payment plan. While liquidation is possible under Chapter 128, you can liquidate a business at any time anyways,

There’s simply too much good stuff that EBR has created to allow the company to be broken up for scrap, unless the creditors are really dumb and refuse to cooperate…And their being plenty of dumb creditors out there, that’s a possibility. But a cutting edge sport bike that needs only some rough edges taken off, ABS, and hard bags is too valuable an asset to scrap, ‘specially when it’s all tooled up and in production and needs only better financial management and marketing.

Buell will be back… His bikes are too great to die!