DSC_3570Two days before the legendary Naples Airhead Tech Days begin, and the tension is already building… Riders are calling from all over and bringing all kinds of repair projects (but nothin’ we ain’t seen and/or screwed up before!). At this point were in the logistics stage as we stock up for the seige, which is complicated by the fact that Naples has neither a deep harbor port or rail service. None the less, we’re laying in an ample supple of vittles and such for the long weekend, and none will go hungry!

Between unloading the food and supply trucks we’ve held off boredom by assembling and mounting the body on the pictured Ural, ‘blasted and painting some mounting parts for my Spyder ‘hack in the back, I checked the oil pan bolts and topped up the gearbox oil on the R65LS, and we even fixed a Chrysler the other day. The wrenching gets serious tomorrow, as we bravely explore the depths of a /2 gearbox and deal with a PD with a steering centering notch “feature” that works a little too well. Check back often, I’ll have the computer online all day through Tech Daze, insuring that the heroic story of every lost screw and crossed thread is preserved for posterity!