Just a regular irregular Public Service Announcement from Gearhead Grrrl:

DSC_3143Ahhhh, this is the way to do it… Engine hoist used to lazily lift and roll the offending pickup bed out of the anticipated snow and to the back of the shop. Bought it at Northern Tool a few months back, $160 plus local sales tax with a 20% off coupon. This is the smaller of the two models they sell, rated capacity is around a quarter ton/meter, more than enough to handle any engine I own. The pickup bed wasn’t even a challenge, picked it off the truck, rolled it aside, put a hobby horse under the back, let it down, then picked up the front so it was vertical and rolled it into place.

So invest in the right tools for the job… This one probably cost me less than the co-pay on an office visit with a back specialist!