DSC_3032Where are the RVs? Not even a pickup, if you really look hard there’s a BMW MINI there somewhere, but otherwise it’s a pristine 4 wheeler free rally. Unlike the pretenders on their Harleys and new BMWs, the Guzzi riders ride. Heck, I rode 400 miles to this here Mo-Kan Guzzi Rally, and was nowhere near being in contention for Long Distance Rider awards in any category!

DSC_3035OK, finally found  an old SUV over by the victuals… Even a Guzzi would have struggled to haul that whole hog cooker and what looked to be a ton of victuals there. The bikes pictured were typical of those at the rally, decades old Guzzi workhorses who’s odometers had been turned over a few times. And following Guzzi rally SOP, the food never stopped- Chili friday night, full breakfast saturday morn, pulled pork and chicken with all the trimmin’s saturday night, plus a decent band each night. That was just the advertised victuals… They kept the chili warm for the late arrivers and late night munchers on friday night, reheated the leftovers for lunch saturday, kept the pulled meats and trimmin’s warm for late night saturday munchers, then surprised us with fresh pastries to send us on our way sunday. And to wash it all down, their were bottomless resevoirs of at least a trio of beers from the tapper trailer, coffee, lemonade, cocoa, or any combination of the above you were drunk enough to make. These Guzzi folks don’t know how to throw a bad rally, and half the BMW clubs should just sub out there rallies to the Guzzi folks and be down with it!.

But the bestest was the gear head get-togethers around the campfire… Amazing the gear heads you meet at a rally. Couple decades back I learned the real reason Chrysler built a V-10 that had no advantage over a V-8, and Ford was even dumb enough to slavishly match it with their own unneeded V-10. So as gear heads are often wont to do, a bit after sunset on saturday I felt a need to get online and research Australian B-Double “pocket road trains”. My questions half answered, ’bout an hour later a met a Guzzi riding trucker who’s actually driven B-Doubles in Oz… Who needs Google, when you’ve got gear heads ’round the campfire!