‘Twas a depressing yesterday… Had the GS’s clutch apart to compare dimensions with the ST’s. Found no big differences, so mounted the ST’s flywheel in readiness to final torque after 24 hours for the silicon gasket goo to set. Then set about returning the GS’s clutch to it’s home… Only to be rewarded with the old iffy thread on the flywheel giving out at half rated torque. So might as well play computer, popped the memory card out of the camera, and downloaded. What the heck, I’ve taken almost a thousand pics in barely a year with that camera?

So without further ado, the FLairheads North Florida Tech Days in all their glory-


The “Triage” sign is a joke, but we could have used one, what with an even dozen bikes under repair at one time and probably a couple loose components too.


Too stiff transmission gets tested out. The verdict: Front input shaft bearing installed a bit too well.


Eclectic as ever… The long term owner of this WWII vintage Harley even did a bit of maintenance on his steed.

ImageOld skool skills at work: Riveting brake linings on a /2.


An RT’s fairing is “liberated”… Guys, can you ship that up north?

DSC_2309Firebug, fixin’ to incinerate that whole pile of stumps… The beer was also well attended to, with a steady crowd guarding the taps…

DSC_2330No airhead lacked attention…

Our always DSC_2325

Our always able kitchen crew kept us well fed and then some!

DSC_2330More airhead teamwork… Was this the “barn find” airhead from just up the street? Let no airhead be forgotten…