Choosing between the several april 1st PR invites I’ve been gifted with was easy- theres a blizzard in the Dakotas and the Everglades State University, UPS, FDX, and USPS pressers are all in the same Everglades “neighborhood”, looks to be at the far south end of Everglades Boulevard South, around the 128xx block. Last time I was down that way Everglades Boulevard was closed just south of Alligator Alley, even had a gate and guard at the detour sign. Normally I’d be a bit suspect, but I checked out Everglades State and they’re a genuine university, with research specialties in drones, poultry, and VA funded research into brain/artifical limb interfaces. And if that presser bombs, there’s three more within shotgun range… What’s not to like?

Gotta run now and get a nap, the pressers are in the early am, suppose they want some sunrise in the swamp visuals. I found a couple Ural riders up for the adventure, so I should be able to live blog from the hack… See you from the Everglades in a few hours!